About Us

Why the corporation is being formed?

To use the artistic voice of passionate artists for the greater good of the community.

What does it intend to accomplish?

To shine a light on social issues that may otherwise be glossed over and forgotten as mere statistics. With our work, we intend to strike an emotional chord in the audience.

Who will benefit from its accomplishments?

Those affected (by social issues) and those not affected; by giving the later a chance to be part of a solution via action, rather than the problem itself through inaction. 

How will the corporation achieve its purpose?

By creating a network of artists that can be pooled for art productions. 

By using our artistic voice to reach and inspire a broad audience.




Joyce Kakariyil Paul

Performing a street play to protest against dowry deaths at age 19 propelled her to create works that touched upon things that cause human distress and angst. Changing perspectives with empathy & art.


Ashok Kadavakollu

Ashok leads operations, logistics & sustenance for SCARF. A stage actor, he is passionate about arts, photography, film, cultural diversity, community purpose, outdoors & nature.


Siamak Poursabahian

An art nomad who dabbles in photography, music, poetry, Persian calligraphy and sketching, Siamak is the design and technical power behind SCARF.

Board of Directors



Gauri Shringarpure

Board Member
Linguist, writer, and musician, Gauri believes strongly in the power of language and the written word. Fluent in 6 languages, she has written for several non-profits in the Seattle area, has been a writing coach to bring real stories of South Asian women to life, and plays the keyboard in well-known Seattle music bands. As Director of Community and Outreach at SCARF, Gauri hopes to fuel her passion to make a difference one word, one note, one project at a time.