YAVANIKA is a contemporary dance work about human perspectives, conveyed through the story of two women. As the story unfolds on stage, these women from different backgrounds navigate the highs and lows of life - presented in this visualization through a maze. In their life journey, they form perspectives about events and situations they encounter based on their pre-conceived notions and experiences, thus creating a custom veil through which they view life going forward. Are they aware of their veiled perspectives? Can they comfortably step into a completely different one altogether?

YAVANIKA highlights the fact that there are no right and wrong perspectives. These labels come from viewing another through one’s own veiled vision, and regarding the differences to be wrong or unworthy. Learning to honor a perspective different from one’s own makes it easier to co-exist in peace and harmony. Agreeing to disagree and opening one’s eyes to truly see the world, is what will enrich and elevate mankind.